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Powerful Management Functions ▪ Door lock permissions vary with the lease period and bills. Easily handle check-in, modify lease term, cancel rent, freeze, add co-residents, etc. ▪ Unified management of hotel equipment can clearly know equipment specifications, equipment area, equipment status and edit equipment information. ▪ Supports single control and group control of smart equipment in different areas such as floors, guest rooms, and public areas. ▪ Support 60+ categories, online management of more than 90,000 smart devices. ▪ Supports six voice service types including supplementary items, room cleaning, maintenance services, check-out services, washing and nursing services. Also supports PaaS access to third-party smart voice devices. ▪ Equipment alarm to escort you. Support SMS, message push, instant pop-up and other notification methods. ▪ Support real-time online monitoring of security, all offline equipment etc. ▪ Send a temporary password remotely, self-complete the viewing process.


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