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Bluetooth System is for smart lock management, it includes Smart Hotel Management, Home Security, Employee Attendance, etc. 

It Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. You can unlock the smart lock via TTLock APP, send e-Key to another TTLock account, the recipient can unlock via TTLock APP. 

You can set the usage period of password or card for tenant, they can check-in by themselves. You also can check the unlock record in smart phone app anytime. 


"Smart Hotel Card Issuing System" is an intelligent management software developed by Sciener Intelligence. It includes various functions such as room hardware control and fast check-in. 

▪ It solves all kinds of problems encountered in hotel management and improves management efficiency! It is the good choice for management of centralized hotels and decentralized apartments. 

▪ This system consists of a PC-side management system and an APP. It is convenient to manage anywhere.


▪ Communication: Bluethooth 4.0. 

▪ System: Android 4.3 or lOS7.0 above 

▪ Remote to modify the valid time for the password, card or e-key 

▪ Remote to send the password or e-key and delete users 

▪ Real time to check unlock record 

▪ Real time to check the battery power of door lock 

▪ Support WiFi router to remote to unlock 

▪ Support multi-language under different system 

▪ Remote to upgrade the lock system 

▪ Save the management cost without the front reception

Powerful Management Functions 

Powerful Management Functions 

▪ Door lock permissions vary with the lease period and bills. Easily handle check-in, modify lease term, cancel rent, freeze, add co-residents, etc. 

▪ Unified management of hotel equipment can clearly know equipment specifications, equipment area, equipment status and edit equipment information. 

▪ Supports single control and group control of smart equipment in different areas such as floors, guest rooms, and public areas. 

▪ Support 60+ categories, online management of more than 90,000 smart devices. ▪ Supports six voice service types including supplementary items, room cleaning, maintenance services, check-out services, washing and nursing services. Also supports PaaS access to third-party smart voice devices. 

▪ Equipment alarm to escort you. Support SMS, message push, instant pop-up and other notification methods. 

▪ Support real-time online monitoring of security, all offline equipment etc. ▪ Send a temporary password remotely, self-complete the viewing process.

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